These stories are dedicated to:

First, to God, For with him, all things are possible. Secondly to my family, Who's love and support I deeply appreciate.

And in memory of:

My Mother, Sue Sarkinen Montgomery Who has gone on to be with the Lord. and Her Mother, Lois Allen Who's faith in God during her battle with cancer, Was an Inspiration to many.


I would like to thank God for all of the abilities he has given me. I do hope that something I have written will be a blessing to someone who reads it. The stories in this book aren't always happy but they show different aspects of life as I have seen them. I hope that the message I feel God would have me to convey will come through. That through him everything will always work out. I just hope that someone who reads this will remember what they read and it will help them to have a better and closer walk with God.

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