Broken Pieces

"Daddy, I broke it!" I said through tears. I was four years old and was playing with my picture music box. You know the kind. You wined it up and it plays Twinkle Twinkle little star and the little paper picture rolls off of one side and onto a roller on the other. As it does the stars move across and the music plays. I remember I had wound it to tight and the spring came loose. All of the pieces fell to the floor. I remember picking up the pieces and taking them to my dad. He could fix it. He could fix anything. I cried myself to sleep that night but the next day, when I woke up, there it was on the table beside my bed. I didn't know how but there it was.

A few years later I was about seven or eight. Dad and I had gone fishing. All of a sudden I got a bite. It was big. It was the biggest fish I had ever caught.

I called to my dad; "I got one." He looked out into the water and right in the edge is a tree limb and guess what. Wrapped around that limb was my line. I hadn't caught a fish. I had caught a tree. Dad said for me to wait and he would get it loose but I was disappointed and I pulled real hard. The next thing I know the line was broken and so was my reel. There it was in pieces all over the ground. I said I was sorry I hadn't listened. He told me it was OK. He said for me to pick up the pieces and bring them to him. When I did, He put my reel back together and I ended up catching the biggest fish I have ever caught. This time it was a real fish, not just a limb.

I remember over and over in my life, all of the times that I broke something. I remember all of the things that just fell apart. I would just take those pieces to my father and I recall how he would always tell me he didn't know if he could fix them but with his love and time he would put them back together. I would once again have whatever it was that was so important to me.

I have grown up now and I have had children of my own but at times I feel as if my life is broken into pieces. My hopes, dreams, and hard work have been broken so bad I don't see how they can be put back together. Then I think of the words to this song:

Pick up the broken pieces and bring them to the Lord, Pick up those broken pieces, trust in his Holy word. He will put them back together and make your life complete, just place those broken pieces at you Savior's feet.

I think of these words and I think of how my father loved me so much that he would go out of his way, even stay up all night, to put something back together. I then think of how much more my Heavenly Father must love me. For he sent his one and only Son to die as our Saviour. I then fall on my knees and thank God for his love, his word, and his promises. I take those pieces of my life and leave them at his feet. With all of his Heavenly love, he puts them back together and I get up with the peace of knowing that whenever I ask he is always there for me and he is there for you too. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK! ! !

By Mark Davis

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