Different Lives

The story I am about to tell is the same story but from two different perspectives. Just listen and see if you can see what a big difference having God in you life can make.

Mike one and Mike two are both getting up at the same time. They both work at the same job. They both have the same wife. They have the same kids and the same problems. See if you can tell which one has God and which one doesn't.

It is 5:30 a.m. Mike one hears the alarm clock. Reaching over and turning it off, he says good morning to his wife. He then gets up and goes to get a shower. Meanwhile Mike two gets up and also starts to get ready for work.

As they get their showers the hot water starts to run out again. Mike one hurries and gets the rest of his shower in cool water and then says to himself that he sure was glad he had enough water to finish his shower. Mike two starts fussing at his wife, telling her to stop running so much hot water. He grumbles that she is using it all up again.

Well they both get ready and go out the door to work. Mike one takes a look around, listens to the birds and thinks to himself what a beautiful day it is going to be. Meanwhile Mike two says to himself how cold it is and how he wishes he were like all of the people who were so rich they didn't have to work.

As they get to work, they both go in. They realise that they are five minuets late. The boss will be upset. They both know it. As they go in, he is waiting on them. You are late again, he says to them. Mike one tells him he is sorry and that he will try to work on not being late anymore. Mike two tells his boss, in a hateful tone, that he couldn't help it. He says his car wasn't running well.

At lunch Mike one sits down to his sandwich and like always asks God's blessing over his food. Mike two sits down to his sandwich and complains that he wishes he had a better lunch.

As the day continues on, both Mikes continue to have the same day but Mike one always has a happy and optimistic attitude and Mike two always has the same, I wish things would be better, attitude.

You know we all sometimes want things to be better. Nothing always goes the way we want it but as you can see from the two Mikes, the way you look at life and the problems it brings make all the difference.

When you trust in God and his word. When you pray without ceasing. When you live by his promises. Everything will work out.

Mike one and Mike two continue to go through the rest of their days. One always continues to thank God for all his blessings. Two always blames everyone else for all of his problems.

I'm not going to tell you which of the two Mikes you should be like. I will leave that decision up to you but I will say that it seems to me like Mike one is a much happier person and enjoys life much better. What do you think?

By Mark Davis

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