Johnny grew up in a small town with his friend Steve. They were born in the same hospital, in the same month, only a few days apart. Their mothers and fathers were very good friends. Neither family had much money but the got by OK. Both Johnny's and Steve's parents were good Christian people and they loved God very much. They quite often had dinner and prayer together and tried to give their children a proper upbringing.

On Johnny's eighteenth birthday his mother and father told him that they had been saving their money and they bought him a new car. They said it was his graduation and birthday present.

Steve's parents told him that they had also been saving and for his graduation present they gave him a choice. He could live at home and use the family car and they would pay his first year of college or they would by him a car. It was his choice. Steve decided to go to a local Christian college and major in music.

Johnny had been granted a full scholarship at a far away law school. He gladly accepted. His Mom and Dad told him not to forget that God loved him and so did they, then he left for college. This is where their lives, Johnny's and Steve's, became very different.

Johnny's first week at college was a busy one. He moved into his dormitory and met his roommate His first night there his roommate invited him to a party. He wanted to fit in so he went.

Over the next few months he started drinking. He slept with several different girls. He went to parties all the time and when he wasn't studying he was just having a good time.

After a few years, Johnny got a job with a fine law firm. It seemed like he was doing very well for himself.

Meanwhile over the same time, Steve staid at home and studied hard. He got his degree in music and started a small Gospel group. They got an old broken down bus, fixed it up a little, and started working for the Lord.

Steve tried to call Johnny many times but Johnny always seemed to busy to talk so their friendship and lifestyles drifted farther apart.

Johnny grew very well off, became well known, and made many new and important friends. He bought a new house, a fancy sports car, and a whole wardrobe of new suits. Throughout all of this he continued drinking. Every time he would win a case, He would celebrate his victory with wine and women.

Meanwhile Steve fell in love with one of the members of his group. They married and had a child. He and his wife continued to live for the Lord. Their group hadn't made it big. As a mater of fact, they were barely making enough money to keep them fed and keep their singing up but that was OK because they were living their lives for God and through their ministry they were winning souls to Jesus. That was all they needed.

Steve continued to try to call and talk to his friend but every time the conversation was cut short whenever God was brought up. So Steve and his wife decided they would, although they couldn't really afford it, go and visit with Johnny.

It was nearly Christmas, so they decided to surprise him and go on Christmas Eve. That way they could remind him of God's love for him. They loaded up their car, put their two-year-old girl in her car seat and headed out early that evening.

T H E Y N E V E R M A D E I T ! ! !

They were hit heads on by a drunk driver as they entered Johnny's hometown. Both, they and their daughter were killed instantly. Yes, that's right! The driver of the other car was Johnny! He had just heard the verdict of a big case he had won and had been out celebrating. Little did he know that his lifestyle was going to cost his own life and the life of his one time best friend and family.

By Mark Davis

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