Her New Life

I'll never forget the first time I ever saw her. She walked in wearing a leather miniskirt. It was black and just barely covered her. Her top was a small halter that looked as if it were about two sizes to small.

I remember thinking to myself, how can she wear something like that to church. I remember the looks of everyone as they turned around and watched her come in. I thought to myself, she really needs to be here. At the time I didn't realize how much and I really wasn't thinking with the true Christian attitude I know I should have been.

The singers went up and sang several songs like usual and the service went much like it always does. Although all through service I remember how people couldn't stop looking at this girl.

Right after service, while they were dismissing, I noticed her slip out the back door of the church and I quietly went after her. I stopped her and asked her name. She told me she would rather not say. She said that in her line of work, she never used her real name. I didn't ask what work that was. I felt sure I already knew.

I told her that I was going to get a bite to eat and asked her if she would like to come along. She told me it wasn't like it looked. She said that she hadn't come here to meet or pick anyone up. I told her I knew that wasn't what she wanted and that wasn't what I wanted either. I told her I had seen her crying when she came in and I thought she might want someone to talk to. She said OK and we went to get a bite to eat.

She told me this story:

I was fifteen years old when my step dad beat me and my mom up for the first time. He told my mom that it was her fault because she never would do anything about the way I kept coming on to him. I told her it was him who was after me but she got mad and called me a liar. After a few more times of her getting beaten, she called me a lot of awful names. She blamed me and said for me to get out.

With tears in my eyes, I packed up what few little things I had and left. I didn't know where I was going and I really didn't care. All I wanted to do was get out of the life I was in.

I ended up in a big city a few miles away and met a man who said he wanted to be my friend. I had nowhere to go and he seemed nice enough so I trusted him. That was the first of many big mistakes.

At first he really seemed to be a good guy. He bought me some new clothes and got me a nice place to stay. Although I didn't like the choice of clothes, it was nice to finally have some new things.

He never really asked for anything at first but one day he came to me and said he needed a big favour. He wanted me to entertain some men from his work. I asked what kind of entertainment he was talking about and he told me to just do what came naturally. I told him I would be nice and dance with them and talk but I wouldn't have sex with them. He just smiled and told me to be ready for the party at seven.

The party was a nightmare! There were three guests at the party and they were all drinking. They kept grabbing me in places I didn't want to be touched. After a while the man throwing the party came over to me and said to show the others a good time and then left.

A short time after he left, the three guys started getting really rough with me. They said he had told them I would show them a good time and they wouldn't take no for an answer. They held me down and did what they wanted. They each laid one hundred dollars on the table and then just left me on the bed in pain and in tears.

That is how I got into the business. I didn't really like it but it paid the bills and got me the attention I had never got at home.

This guy continued to be good to me as long as I did what he said and I continued to work for him about two years. As the days went by he wanted me to do things with people that were worse and worse. On the day I left, it had got so bad that I just couldn't take it anymore. He had told me what to do and I said no. It was just too much. He beat me up really bad and threw me out of the car into the street. He told me to never come back. He had taken all the money I had been saving, all of my clothes, and everything. I was left with nothing.

So, that is how I got where I am now. I have been walking for several days and have had nothing to eat except for a few things I have found in the trashcans. That is until now.

She told me that she had been walking by the church and saw a sign on the billboard that said, "There is hope, however hopeless it may seem. God loves you. Everyone is welcome in God's house." It was then, she decided to come in. I told her I was glad she did. I talked with for quite some time and told her if she ever needed anything to just give me a call and that I would do anything I could to help.

Before she left, she asked me if she could borrow some money. She said she would pay it back. I thought I would probably never see her or the money again but I went ahead and gave her some. I then said she was welcome in our church anytime. I really hoped to myself that she would take me up on the offer but she left and I have not seen her again, although she did send me back the money about a year later, along with a letter.

She told me she had later found God and started going to church somewhere up north. She had also opened a center for young women in the kind of trouble she was in when she was younger. She told me she would never forget the kindness I had shown her and how I had not asked for anything in return. She said that nobody had ever done anything for her without wanting something and once again she thanked me.

I have, over the last few years, kept in touch and found out that she has finished her schooling and they have opened two new centers. I look forward to seeing her again. She tells me she hopes to come down soon. Until then I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

I almost let this young lady leave without trying to help. To this day I thank God I didn't. I thank God I was able to help her start her new life.

By Mark Davis

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