Our Salvation

How people get themselves into the messes that they do, I don't understand. They make decisions on their own without the help and guidance of God. Sometimes these seem like good decisions at the time. Sometimes these have effects that do not show up for months or even years. Sometimes even the smallest decision can become the largest problem of your life. It happened to someone I know. I hope you listen so maybe someday you want make the same mistake.

He was just out of school and was ready to go out on his own. His parents told him he should stay at home for a while but he had just finished three years of trade school to become an auto mechanic and body repair man and felt sure he could find a good paying job and a place to stay. He asked a friend if she knew a good place to work. She told him she did. The job was in a town about three hundred fifty miles from home. They decided to both go work there together. His mother asked them to think and pray about it but he said no. He told her that this was what he wanted to do.

Lisa, I am really excited about this new job. How did you hear about it again?

Mike, you don't remember well, do you?

Sorry, here we are on a bus with no money and only enough food to get us to Bradsville. I have never been to such a big city before.

Mike, remember my telling you about my second cousin's best friend knowing a man who was looking for an auto mechanic and an accountant?

Oh yea, I remember.

Well, he called Slick. That is the name of the man we are going to meet. Anyway, he said that he wanted us and that he would have both of us a place to stay and a job waiting on us when we arrived. He agreed to pay us five hundred a week plus furnish our apartments.

You know Lisa, this must be really god job.

Yea, Slick said that we could make all kinds of money in the city.

After two days on the bus, three changeovers and a lot of time at the bus stations, they finally arrived. When they got there Slick was waiting on them just like he said he would be.

Slick wasn't at all like you would expect. He was an average looking man about thirty to thirty-five years old. He wore a light blue suit and was very neat and clean looking. When you first looked at him you knew right away why they called him Slick. His hair was dark black and slicked down to his head with some kind of oil.

Hi, you must be Mike and this vision of loveliness must be Lisa.

"Hello and thank you." Lisa said while blushing.

Well, Mike and Lisa, come on and let me show you to your new homes.

They got into a new looking convertible and off they went. When they arrived, they were speechless. Each of them had their own two bedroom apartment. They were both nice and decorated with all kinds of antiques and expensive furniture. They had white shag carpet, central air and an adjoining balcony over looking a beautiful river. It was the kind of place all young people dreamed of.

After a few months in the city Mike and Lisa were getting used to their new jobs and homes. One night they were eating dinner together and they started talking.

Mike, I know we have been here for only four months but I was thinking how great things were going.

Yea, I know we have made a lot of money and things are going well but Lisa, I really don't like the way that Slick is starting to look at you. I noticed it the other day when I was painting that Jaguar.

Mike, I haven't noticed anything.

Well Lisa, I have so please be careful.

So they finished dinner and Lisa went back to her apartment next door. About two hours later Mike decided it was time to go to bed. Slick had told him that he had a special job for him in the morning. After a short while Mike realized he couldn't sleep. He went out on the balcony to get some air. That is when he heard Lisa crying.

"Lisa," Mike called as he knocked on the glass door of her apartment, "What's wrong?"

"Slick just left." she sobbed as she opened the doors and let Mike in. "HE... HE... tried to rape me."

What happened? Did he hurt you?

No Mike. He had me pinned against the wall. He tore my gown and said awful things to me. I didn't let him in. He must of had a key. I told him to stop touching me but he wouldn't listen. Then I just started to cry. I then started praying out loud. When I did he just stopped and looked at me. I was so scared. Without a word, he turned and walked to the door and left. He locked the door behind him. I just fell on the bed and started to cry. Mike, I have never been so scared in all of my life!

Oh Lisa, I am so sorry! My parents said I should pray and think about this before I made a decision but it sounded so good. Lisa, I am so sorry.

So am I Mike. So am I.

That is the last Mike and Lisa ever talked about their trip to the big city. They went home to their small town and to their parents. A few month later they ended up getting married and they both continued to thank God for being their salvation in their time of need.

By Mark Davis

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