What if he were black?

Just imagine that this story is about you. You live in a beautiful home in the nicest neighborhood in town. You have a beautifully manicured lawn with only the finest shrubs, flowers, and trees. And the grass. The grass is so soft it feels like velvet under your feet, a beautiful green grass covered with a light morning dew. As the rays of sunshine come through the trees, it makes the drops of dew glisten like miniature diamonds. You look around you and you see that not only is your lawn this beautiful, so is every other lawn in the neighborhood. The perfect lawn in the perfect neighborhood.

And your home. What a glorious home it is. A fourteen room house with five bedrooms, three baths, and a huge bay window stretching across the front. It is painted snow white and has maroon shutters. Your front door is made of the finest hardwood and has a stained glass window. A window so glorious that it glows with beauty. A window such as never been seen before. As you look closer you realize that not only is there one door but you have double doors. Two beautiful doors. Two doors standing side by side like identical twins and on the sides of these double doors are two more glass windows running from ceiling to floor. These windows even more glorious than the ones on the doors. The yard and the house are like nothing you have ever seen before.

Then you walk into the house. It is furnished with only the finest furniture. It has plush carpet in almost every room, and stained hard wood floors in all of the rest. You have a huge rock fireplace in the living room a smaller rock fireplace in the den and one more in the master bedroom. Off of the master bedroom is the master bath. This bathroom is the largest and most beautiful bathroom you have ever seen. It has a mirror across one wall and under the mirror is a lavatory with gold faucets and a marble counter top that spans the length of the entire wall. And the tub. A marble garden tub with steps leading down into it. This bathroom smells of flowers and looks like something out of a magazine. The kind of bathroom that most people only dream of.

You walk back through the master bedroom, down the hall, by the den, through the kitchen, past the dining room, and finally out the side door into the garage. As you do you take a long look at each of the rooms. Each of them more splendid than the one before. As you walk beside your two shiny new cars you look out the garage window and see a family moving into the house beside you. You decide to go over right after breakfast and welcome them to the neighborhood.

You meet you neighbor and help him, his wife and their son get settled in. Over the next few months you really get to know your neighbors. You find out that He is a doctor and his son is going to the local collage studying to be a lawyer. The lady of the house is a school teacher at the local Christian school and she and her family have started attending your church.

You have a nineteen year old daughter. She is the perfect daughter. She has never drank or used drugs. She goes to church regularly. You and your wife are sitting one night beside the fire place and are talking about her. You tell your wife that you hope that someday she meets a true gentleman, falls in love, gets married and has you a grandchild. You finally get tired and head off to bed.

Many months go by and your daughter has now met the neighbor's son and gone out on many dates with him. He has been taking her to Church. They have gone to fine restaurants. They have seen movies and taken long walks at the park. One night she comes home after one of her dates and tells you that she has fallen in love. She says that he has proposed and said yes. She tells you that she and the next door neighbors son would like to get married and asks for your blessing. The perfect neighborhood and the perfect neighbors. This is the greatest dream come true! Your daughter has met the perfect man. He truly adores her! He is a good Christian man! He has a good head on his shoulders and is going to be a lawyer! He has great parents! What more could you want?

What if this were you? What if this were your daughter? Does the story you just read not describe the perfect man and the perfect family? Now one final question... What if he were black?

By Mark Davis

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