Early Bloomer

You know how some are late bloomers. They don't mature as fast as others. Well, I was an early bloomer.

I remember the place I lived very well. It wasn't big like others I had heard of. Actually, it was quite small. It was so small, in fact, that I didn't have a bed of my own. I had to share my bed with all of my brothers but I still grew up very happy.

I remember every day I would look across the road and see the lake. It was not a big lake but one with a small dam and some of the most beautiful trees and bushes you have ever seen. I would watch as the mallards and geese would swoop down and glide gracefully into the crystal clear water. It would bring me much joy to see such true beauty. I always was one to notice the smallest things and see the true beauty in them. While others never take time to notice, I always did. The wind blowing through the trees would remind me of how great God is and how wonderful his creations are, no matter how big or small. The cool morning air on an early Spring morning, when there was still a light frost on the ground was always very special to me. I would notice the smiles on the children's faces when they would come outside all bundled up to play.

I don't mean to keep talking about myself so much but I never got out and never really saw anything outside of the small area I lived in.

I remember the first time someone ever really talked to me. Most of you may not remember things like that but it was very special to me. No one ever really talked to me or seemed to ever pay me much attention like they did my brothers. Anyway, this older lady came over to me one day and said how beautiful I was. I had never thought I was beautiful. I had always thought I looked like all the others.

I just want everyone to realise how beautiful the world around them is and how great our God is to create such a beautiful thing.

I remember one special day. It was about noon. It was very hot and I never really liked hot weather much. Anyway, it was very hot and then someone came out of nowhere and started spraying my brothers and me down with cool water. We just soaked up the cool mist and had a wonderful time. It wasn't often when we had such a treat.

I have always been satisfied with the simple things of life. All my brothers and I ever asked for was some good food, a lot of water, and some beautiful cool weather. Like everyone else, we also wanted a friend beside us. No one or nothing likes to be alone.

Although my life wasn't long, actually I only lived a few short months, I am thankful to have seen the wonderful things and to have lived the wonderful life that God allowed me to live.

I got to see many of the things that God makes. I got to see the beautiful blue skies, the brilliant sunshine, the green grass, and happy children playing in the park.

Yes, I am thankful that even though my life was short, I was given the chance to be a Daffodil, in a small bed, in the corner of a beautiful park and to be able to sit all day and enjoy just a few of the wonderful things God has made.

It doesn't mater who or what you are just remember to always sit back and take the time to enjoy the wonderful life God has given you.

By Mark Davis

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