His Prayer

Dear Jesus,

I know we haven't talked in quite some time. Actually it has been many years. I don't really know why. It just seems as if there is always something else in the way. I really haven't been trying to avoid you. I just hope you will understand.

Let me tell you what has been going on. I graduated college. I got a good job making a lot of money. Had two kids. One girl who is now four and a boy who is two. I just wish they were where I could at least see them. I just wish they would let me.

You see Jesus, I got into a lot of trouble about six months ago. It isn't like I killed anyone or anything like that. I just, well it really started while I was in college so I guess I should start there.

I met a man by the mane of Jeff. He was a professor at my school. He offered me a part time job while I was working on my studies and I accepted. All I had to do was to deliver goods for him and I got paid quite well. I never asked what goods for him and I got paid quite well. I never asked what was in the packages or never really cared. I just did what I was told and got paid. I did this through all for years of school.

After I graduated he asked me to keep working for him but I had been offered a job with an accounting firm and told him that I really couldn't accept. He said that he understood and that if I ever changed my mind, to just give him a call.

Well Jesus, all of this time I forgot about you and what you had done for my family and myself all of our lives. That was where things really went wrong. If I had remembered that, maybe I wouldn't have done all of the things I did.

I fell in love and had a baby girl. A little later I had my son. Holly and I never got married. We just lived together for nearly five years and were very happy. That is when it all happened.

The police showed up on my doorstep one day and took me away in handcuffs while my children watched. Holly just stood there in tears as they drove away with me.

At the station they started asking me all kinds of questions. I answered them as best I could and then they introduced me to an FBI agent who told me that if I didn't want to spend the next twenty years of my life in jail that I had better do what they said and help them to catch Jeff. They told me he had been selling drugs for years and that I was the only one they found that he trusted enough to help them catch him.

So Jesus, you see what I am having to do? You see the shape I have gotten into? I am in this small room waiting to testify against a drug dealer. I don't know what is going to happen but I just wanted to talk to you and tell you that, Jesus although I haven't prayed to you like I should, I do love you and am sorry for the way I have treated you by not remembering the way you loved me enough to give your life for me. I just wanted to tell you again, thank you.

I have been here in this small room for the last three months. I haven't been able to see the lady I love or the children I adore. Jesus, if I can just make it through all of this and see them again, that is all I ask. I promise you Lord that I will marry her and do the children proud. I will be their father and her husband, just like it says in your word I should do. Most of all though, dear Lord, I ask that you will forgive me of all of my wrong doings. Lord, this is my prayer.

Thank you Lord, AMEN.

You know I don't know where the man in this story is. He and his wife and two children went into the witness protection program after the trial. He helped to lock up a lot of people who were involved with the drugs. I do however know one thing. Where ever he and his family are and what ever is happening to them, God heard his prayer and brought him safely through the trial and where ever he is, God is still with him today.

No matter who you are, where you are, or what you have done, God is always there waiting and listening for you to come to him. All you have to do is ask and he will be there for you.

By Mark Davis

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