Mat The Cat

Let me tell you a little story about Mat the cat. Mat the cat was a normal cat for the most part. He liked doing the same things that most other cats do. He loved to be petted and loved. He enjoyed climbing trees and just having fun with other cats. Like I said before, he wasn't much different than all the other cats you have known.

Now, let me tell you about the lady he belonged to. She was a very nice lady in her mid thirties. She lived alone and really enjoyed having Mat around. He was very good about keeping her company and they had a lot of good times together.

One day she was walking through the kitchen and she saw a mouse. Well, you know how most women are about mice. She was even worse! You have never heard such a shriek in all of your life. She screamed and screamed but the little fellow just wouldn't leave! Finally, from on top of the kitchen counter where she had climbed to get away from this horrid creature, she threw a box of paper plates at him and he ran away.

As she slowly got down from her place of safety, she began to think herself. Where is Mat? I thought cats were supposed to catch mice or scare them off or something. I thought that if you have a cat then you don't have mice. So she decided to see if she could find him.

She looked and called for him everywhere but he was no where to be found. Then, when she was about to give up looking and sit down on the couch to rest after her ordeal, she looked over and there he was. Right at the end of the couch, curled up in a small round ball of fur was Mat the cat. Just when she needed him the most, there he was asleep on the job.

You know Mat is like a lot of us. Whenever God asks us to do something, whenever he has something planed for our lives, or whenever he comes looking for us, he finds us sleeping and we usually miss out on something wonderful God has in store for us.

By Mark Davis

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