Count Down

T E N ...

Usually we take weeks, sometimes even months to get ready for such a mission. This time we only have a few hours.

N I N E ...

There are two men out there on the moon. They only have a small amount of oxygen let. Their ship has broken down and they have no way home. it is up to me and one other man to bring them home safely.

E I G H T ...

You see, I have been an astronaut for only about a year. Usually they would pick someone who had flown this kind of mission before but I am the only pilot available. So I guess I get the job.

S E V E N ...

They woke me up only a few short hours ago. I was at home and resting very well. The phone rang and I said hello. They told me of the situation and I replied I would be honored to help.

S I X ...

I look over and wake my wife. "Honey, I have to go", I tell her as I explain what has happened. I very quickly get up and get ready to leave. She looks at me and tells me to be careful and she will pray tat all goes well. As always, I tell her not to bother. I tell her that it is all about how the crew and I do the job. I don't believe in all of that God stuff and I tell her she already knows that.

F I V E ...

So now here we are in the space shuttle. Her name is Hero and this is her first mission. The Hero is on the pad. The rockets are fueled and ready to go.

F O U R ...

I keep going over the mission in my mind. Step by step, I think of how we will orbit the moon and then I will go down to the surface, find the two men and bring them back to the Hero.

T H R E E ...

It is almost time. The rockets are burning.

T W O ...

I feel the ship rumble and shake. This will be the first time a space shuttle will fly all the way to the moon. It will also be the first time it makes a rescue like the one it is about to make.

O N E ...

We are off. We have lift off. The flight to the moon goes without a hitch. On the way I keep going over the rescue plan. I have it in my mind and know exactly what it is that I have to do. Everyone on the ground tells us that they are praying for us and they wish us the best. I just laugh. I know that God stuff is just a joke. I heard God talked about all of my life but never really believed in him. We go into orbit high above the moon and start trying to find the place where the wrecked ship crashed. There it is.

Z E R O ...

This is the moment of truth. The time where all of my training pays off. I get into the rescue pod and my partner hoist me up into space with the mechanical arm. I slowly fly the craft to the spot where the other astronauts are. I have them in sight.

Yes, I landed gently and perfectly on the surface. Just as I had thought, everything is going perfect. I put on my suit, hook up my air tanks and open the cabin hatch.

I get out and head to where the two others are waiting on me to rescue them. I ask if they are OK and they tell me yes, so we start back to the pod.

All of a sudden, I hear and feel an awful tremble. Oh God! It is a meteor shower! We must hurry back to the pod. As they rain furiously down on us, we fall to the ground. It looks like we are not going to make it. They continue to hit us fast and hard. I can fell my life slipping away. I can't take much more. One of the others tells us to pray. He says that if God doesn't help us, it is over.

As I lie here I decide it can't hurt. Although I never believed in God, I say a little prayer. It isn't a long fancy prayer, just a simple, God help us. To my disbelief, as fast as it started, the shower of meteors stops. I think to my self the this must be a coincidence. Even with this, I still don't really believe there is a God.

I get up and go over to the other two astronauts. They are both just lying on the ground. Unconscious. As I try to help them, I notice the air is leaking out of a hole in the arm of my suit. I have no way to repair it and it leaking air fast. I am going to die! Out of fear I drop to my knees and pray again.

Oh God, please hear my prayer. I know I have never really believed in you but my wife does and maybe she is right. maybe I have been wrong all of these years. Here I am on the moon. I have no one who can help. I am running out of air fast. My family is back on earth waiting on me to return. The to families of the men I was sent to rescue are also waiting on them. They are counting on me. I realize I am just a man. I know I can't do anything without your help. Please forgive me for not believing in you. Please God help me!

As I look up from my prayer, I see a man. He is walking toward me. He isn't wearing a suit! He has no oxygen, yet he is walking this way! I ask him who he is but he never speaks a word. He walks over and reaches down to the two unconscious men. He takes them by the hand. They both get up. He reaches over and takes my arm. Suddenly the tear is gone. I can breath again. Before I can say anything he vanishes as quickly as he appeared.

The two astronauts and I go back to the Here. We return to earth were everyone is waiting for us. We try to tell people of the miracle that happened to us but no will believe us.

No one may believe us but I know that God sent someone, and Angel maybe, I don't really know but someone to save us. You know, I thank God that he loved me so much, he would send me to the moon and allow me to get in such desperate need that I would call on him. I now believe in God and always will. Thank you Lord is my heart felt prayer.

By Mark Davis

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